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This week my article on why people should consider lifting publication bans will be published in the Cambridge Times. See, in my case, the abuse I suffered through happened over 20 years ago.  While going through the court process, I gave a lot of thought to why publication bans are in place, who they protect, and whether I needed protecting in this case.  Twenty years ago I had nobody to protect me.  Adult me, 38 year old me, no longer needs protecting in the same way a child would.  While I can understand a publication ban to protect the identify of a minor child, to help them avoid any additional uncomfortable attention, to allow them to remain anonymous, I strongly felt that in the case of Thomas Freeman, if a publication ban was to be in place it wasn’t going to protect me, it was only going to protect him.  Him.  The perpetrator.  Now a convicted criminal.  If a publication ban had remained in place, I wouldn’t be able to speak freely about the abuse that he inflicted upon me.  Instead, his conviction has freed me, to speak openly about my experience, about how the court system fails victims, about what the entire experience as a whole has done to me and means to me.  I am free.  The article limited me to 500 words or less, but inside me I have so many more words, so this is where I will share them.  Be sure to follow my blog by subscribing above on the Follow by Email icon (looks like an envelope).

I was silent for too long.  I will be kept silent no more.

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  1. Good for you Alecia Juvatopolos, I am so very proud of what you have done.
    It never made sense to me that convicted pedophiles could get off (virtually) when there was that publication ban in effect. That ban must be a relief to those many guilty people I keep reading about.
    Finally a guilty person being recognized for what he is. Now we need a photograph of that guilty person since most of us have no idea what Thomas Freeman looks like.
    By the way, I strongly feel he has gotten off very lightly in punishment. At least those close to him will not let him walk away without shame.

    1. Hi Tony,

      Thank you for your kind words. I won’t go as far as to post a photo here, however he does have a LinkedIn profile. A Google search of Thomas Freeman LinkedIn Cambridge will show his photo. A Google search will also turn up his address which may be of interest those in the community.

  2. So if he abused you as your massage therapist why has he not been brought forth before the college? He should not be able to practice massage therapy any longer. I respect your decision to have the publication ban removed because you are right, myou have nothing to be ashamed of. I also respect the right of others who choose to leave the publication ban in place because they want their privacy protected. They are no less brave.

    1. Hi JT,

      Mr. Freeman is no longer practicing as a massage therapist. Due to matters brought forth to the college by two separate people other than myself, he lost his license and ability to practice almost two years ago (links of the findings in those matters provided below).

      I agree, those who have chosen to leave the publication ban in place are no less brave. They survived, reported, and likely testified against their abuser, the person who hurt them in unimaginable ways, and who likely kept them silent, and they sat in the same room, mere feet away from that same person. To the person who never came forward, I still commend their bravery. I know how hard it can be to get up every day, how hard it can be to deal with the abuse, the after effects, and to those people, I commend you for still being here.

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