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Delivered right to the door of every person in Cambridge today, July 14, 2016, will be the Cambridge Times, with the following article in print:

This is a big deal for me, but also a big deal for our community.  Generally pedophiles are left to walk the streets of our cities in complete anonymity.  They are convicted criminals, on the sex offender registry, but we, as the public, have no idea of their crimes because of publication bans that are generally put in place to protect the victims.  These publication bans, in my opinion, offer more protection to the criminal than they do to the victim of his/her crimes.  We can search by postal code and find out how many registered offenders live in our area, but we cannot find out their names or their addresses.

I was a victim of the crimes committed by Thomas Freeman.  He plead guilty to sexual exploitation (the charges of sexual assault were dropped in exchange for this plea but that is a story for another day) and is serving a three year sentence in the community under a probation officer, as well as 10 years on the sex offender registry.

While I could post all sorts of photographs of this man, including one particularly revealing and horrible one that still may show up one day, I leave it to you, the public, to use your Google skills… but if you are reticent to Google, here are a few links that may prove interesting to the public.  The first link shows a photo of the man in question in use on his public LinkedIn profile.  The second and third are links to claims and findings against him as a massage therapist, the findings resulted in him having to surrender his license and never apply to practice again in Canada or the USA.

Lifting of publication bans can free a victim, free them to speak out about the crimes committed against them, and speaking out is the exact thing they (and I) were told not to do.  While the lifting of a publication ban is a highly individualized choice, in my situation, it was the right choice.  Hoping I can help even one victim out there realize it is not their fault, help one person who was abused come forward, that is my goal.

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