Statistical Sadness

I am not the type of person to sit idly by and wonder about things.  I do research, I do my best so that I know what to expect.

Heading into the court process, I knew the statistics were not in my favour.  I decided not to let that deter me.  In the past few months this infographic was widely shared.  Here, it is, shared again.


Actually look at those numbers.  Nearly half a MILLION sexual assaults occur in Canada in a year.  460,000.  Think of that as a good sized city.  Where every person will be sexually assaulted in a given year.  Of those sexually assaulted, 15, 180 people will report to the police (3.3%).  Of those 15,180 people 13,340 of the cases are recorded as a crime.  Following this recording, 5,520 have charges laid, 2,760 will be prosecuted and 1,380 of these prosecutions will lead to a conviction.  So starting with our nearly half a million sexual assaults, only 1,380 actual convictions will take place, or 0.3%.

What these statistics show is that far too many perpetrators walk our streets.  Far too many criminals.

In Ontario you can search for registered sex offenders by postal code.

This is an example, showing registered offenders in the tri-cities area in Ontario.

sex offenders in an area

What this represents is that there are, for the most part, 100-150 registered sex offenders per 100,000 people in many of the represented areas, with concentrations of 150-200 and over 200 in some areas.  These convictions represent 0.3% of the actual offenses that occurred.  So the people who were never reported as committing sexual assault, never charged, never convicted, but still, nonetheless, committed the horrific crime of sexual assault, are walking the streets.  Of your community.  Could be sitting at your child’s soccer game, serving you when you grab a coffee at Tim Hortons, seated beside you at church, in a car next to you at a red light.  Or they could be your friend, your neighbour, your family member, or even you.

We need to stop the silence, make reporting easier, help victims by supporting them, not shaming and blaming.  #nooneasksforit

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